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A company is hiring at APART!

October 2018, one meeting with the Regional Head of HEMA stores was all it took and a  productive and ambitious partnership was just formed with the Dutch company: Our role, spotting and preparing young people, whilst HEMA vows to recruit them once ready, for short and long-term contracts.

In three weeks, 5 of our organisation’s young individuals were recruited, one for a long-term contract, and four others for short-term ones with a prospect for evolution towards long-term employment (part or full-time) either at the shopping centre Aéroville, or in their multiple stores in Paris.

10 other young people will be hired in the weeks to come, without any entry requirements, except that of being a known member of our organisation, taking part in our initiatives that we’ve been implementing regularly for the past few years.

HEMA is a company that arrived in France back in 2009 and steadily growing ever since. Today, the brand regularly opens new stores. The next one will see the light of day in Montparnasse on November 16th, 2018, and three young people from APART will make for an integral part of this adventure.

HEMA is a youthful and dynamic company who is giving APART’s young members the opportunity to get hired for varied jobs at minimum wage rates but with considerable added-bonuses which are always helpful for young people.

APART is glad be to be a part of such a fruitful and promising partnership, especially with a company that welcomes young people with fewer opportunities with open arms, and with one requirement only: to be motivated.

HEMA has had previous experience in helping young people, namely with an organisation called “l’École de la 2ème chance”, but never with a non-profit organisation like APART. The company seemed thrilled to work alongside us and the initiatives we set up, i.e. establishing direct links between our unemployed youth and the business world, but also preparing them and supporting them through the whole process.

We are excited for this journey, and happy to count HEMA as one of our new partners.